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Holiday Shipping & Production Dates For 2023

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Holiday Shipping & Production Dates For 2023

On August 20, 2023, the Luxeon Star LEDs website transitioned to a new hosting service. If you're a returning customer, you will need to reset your password to maintain your account security. You can reset your password here.

ANSI White (3045K) LUXEON Rebel ES LED on a SinkPAD-II 40mm Round 7-Up Base – 1015 lm @ 700mA

The SP-02-X9 high power LED module features 7 high brightness Rebel LED soldered to a SinkPAD-II 40mm round base.

SinkPAD-II technology minimizes thermal resistance by eliminating the dielectric layer so that the LED thermal pad is soldered directly to the aluminum base. This ensures the lowest possible LED junction temperature, resulting in increased LED life, light power output, and overall reliability.

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