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Holiday Shipping & Production Dates For 2023

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Holiday Shipping & Production Dates For 2023

On August 20, 2023, the Luxeon Star LEDs website transitioned to a new hosting service. If you're a returning customer, you will need to reset your password to maintain your account security. You can reset your password here.

LUXEON Z 10mm Square Single LED Modules

Our Saber Z1 10mm square, high-power LED modules feature a single LUXEON Z LED reflow soldered to a high-thermally-conductive Polytronics MCPCB base. These ready-to-use LED modules provide easy handling and compact size, suitable for work with standard benchtop tools and hand-soldering techniques.

High thermal performance 5mm Square Saber Micro-Z1 LED module

LUXEON Z 5mm Square high-power LED modules are the smallest modules that we currently offer. With moderate to advanced skills, connections can be soldered to the module using standard benchtop tools. They are compatible with any LUXEON Z compliant secondary optic.