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Holiday Shipping & Production Dates For 2023

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Holiday Shipping & Production Dates For 2023

On August 20, 2023, the Luxeon Star LEDs website transitioned to a new hosting service. If you're a returning customer, you will need to reset your password to maintain your account security. You can reset your password here.

Rebel Tri-Star LED Modules

Our selection of high-power Tri-Star LED modules includes 3 Rebel LEDs mounted to a base that can be powered individually (parallel) or all together (series). A fully customizable color-mixing version is also available.
You can choose from three different base options.
High thermal performance Tri-Star SinkPAD-II LED module


A high thermal performance aluminum base featuring Direct Thermal Path technology provides ultimate cooling efficiency.

FR-4 fiberglass Tri-Star CoolBase LED module


This module's fiberglass FR-4 base offers thermal performance that closely matches the most efficient aluminum bases.

Aluminum MCPCB base SABER Tri-Star LED module


This standard aluminum MCPCB base module is often a lower-cost alternative to high-performance LED modules.